Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor


Position: Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor

Location: Ghana - Tefle

Partner: NEWIG

Starting: November 2016 or January 2017

Duration: 9 Months



Crossroads International is an international development organization that is reducing poverty and increasing women’s rights around the world. Working with local partners in 28 projects, in eight countries and supported by hundreds of volunteers each year, Crossroads leverages expertise and resources, North and South, required to help people overcome poverty and assert their human rights.

Based in the rural community of Tefle and Sogakope, in the Volta region, NEWIG’s main objective is to support Women’s and girls’ groups aimed at creating hubs of income generating opportunities in order to assert their rights including the right to live a life free of violence; to enhance their livelihood and to be active participants in their families and communities.

In 2011, Crossroads and NEWIG entered a partnership that focuses on promoting women’s economic empowerment as a means to increase women’s equality, social and political power and to reduce violence against women and girls.  The efforts of the partnership aim at increasing women and girls’ entrepreneurship and gender knowledge as well as supporting rural women and girls in acquiring vocational skills.  

NEWIG is based in Tefle and Sogakope, a rural area and thus volunteers applying to work with NEWIG must be willing to live and work within the realities of a rural community

Historically, through volunteers’ knowledge and willingness to share and to learn, Crossroads supports its partners and their members in two main domains: capacity building in programming and strengthening of institutional capacity.  

Strengthening the institutional capacity of the organization impacts the capabilities of the organization to achieving its objectives, to perform effectively and to provide solid programming to its beneficiaries in a sustainable fashion.   It is in this light that this mandate came to existence.

As a part of a recent evaluation meeting with Crossroads and NEWIG it was decided that both organizations would work in collaboration to strengthen and enhance NEWIG's monitoring and evaluation tools and policies.



Main responsibilities include:

  • Thorough Assessment of the existing monitoring and evaluation systems and tools;
  • Documentation of the organizational culture, current programs and practices of monitoring and evaluation;
  • Making recommendations for change, revision;
  • Developing new tools where needed;
  • Consolidating the M&E system so that it represents an organizational Monitoring an Evaluation and can also respond to various donor requirements;
  • Preparing a kit of all the M&E tools guidelines for future use;
  • Ensuring that ‘Abuse Surveillance System’ is being used and new staff are trained;
  • Conducting workshops, discussions, trainings and exchange where needed to institutionalize the M&E system;
  • Ensuring there is complete handover of all materials developed/training to a NEWIG staff member  


Qualification criteria for selection include:

  • Education in Social science with training in qualitative and quantitative research methods; or Training on Monitoring and Evaluation of development programs.
  • Experience setting up Monitoring and Evaluation systems for development programs;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop appropriate research designs (both qualitative and quantitative), conduct data analysis, compile reports and present research;
  • Strong writing skills in English is essential;
  • Good understanding of gender issues especially women’s rights and gender based violence is a strong asset;
  • Adaptability, flexibility, cultural understanding.
  • Use of Organisational and statistical tools


Eligibility criteria:

  • Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • Must be 19 years and older
  • Willing to conduct fundraising and public engagement activities before, during and after the placement
  • In good physical and mental health (medical examination required)

Personalized support before, during and after the mandate provided by an experienced and welcoming team. The Crossroads' experience includes the following:

  • Daily living allowance (depending of the country of assignment)
  • Plane ticket and local transport
  • Medical insurance and vaccinations
  • Pre-departure training and re-orientation upon return



To apply for this position, we kindly ask that you fill out Crossroads' online application form. Please contact our recruitment officer if you have any question: Simidele@cintl.org 

We thank all applicants but only those selected for interviews will be contacted.


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