Crossroaders in the Field



Melanie Anderson (Ghana 2017)
Melanie Anderson

As a recent graduate of UNBC with a BA in environmental studies I focused mostly on food systems and my work on post secondary food insecurity is published through MIT. I will be using my business and agricultural background to work with Pro-Link and women farmers in the Volta region for the next 12 months. Local food, climate action and social justice are my favourites.

Tanya Lécuyer (Bolivia 2017)
Tanya Lécuyer

Equipped with a Masters in International Development Management and Humanitarian Relief from Université Laval, I am getting ready to leave for La Paz, Bolivia, for four months with Crossroads International. During that time, I will work with Pro-Rural, an association dedicated to rural development, whose objectives are connected to food security, poverty reduction and gender equality.



Carly Friesen (Ghana 2016-2017)
Carly Friesen

As a long time advocate for the rights of women and girls, I am excited to finally be working directly to promote women’s rights and improve women’s lives. During my 10 month placement, I will be working in Ghana with one of Crossroads partner organisations, NEWIG - Network of Women in Growth.

Mia Choinière (Togo 2016)
Mia Choinière

I will be in Lomé, Togo, from September 2016 to March 2017 as a monitoring advisor for La Coulombe, a Crossroads International partner working for the empowerment of young women and men. My work consists of supporting La Coulombe in the evaluation of their programming results.

Djibril Dioum (Senegal 2016)
Djibril Dioum

Crossroads International’s mission to create a more equitable world is aligned with my vision of the fight against poverty. I believe there is no question that gender equality is a catalyst for growth, because by empowering women we enable them to drive this growth. When women are empowered, we see an improvement in their everyday lives; it enables them to guarantee an education for their children, and to combat poverty and child labour.

Kancoun Camara (Swaziland 2016)
Kancoun Camara

Parisian by birth, Malian by heritage and now a Montrealer, I am the result of multiculturalism. I have lived in several countries, including France, Malta, Spain and Canada.

Abdoulaye Badiane (Senegal 2016)
Abdoulaye Badiane

A socio-economist by training, I have a master’s degree in international studies with a concentration in international development from Université Laval.

Khadim Mboup Cheikhal (Senegal 2016)
Cheikhal Khadim Mboup

A sociologist by training, I also have a degree in project management and international cooperation from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. I capitalize on almost 10 years of rich experience in the field of development focused on prospecting, formulating, executing and evaluating projects and programs, including experiences in Senegal, Mali, Morocco et Mauritania.

Céline Moiny (Senegal 2016)
Céline Moiny

A teacher of persons with a physical disability by training and the holder of a degree in international cooperation from the Université de Montréal, I have done several mandates in the domains of education and healthcare in Senegal and Burkina Faso over the course of the last six years.

Daniel Godon (Senegal 2016)
Daniel Godon

Hello, my name is Daniel Godon. I hold a degree in geography with a focus on health and the environment. Recently, I commenced studies at the master’s level in community health with a concentration on world health.




Hervé Labité (Togo 2015)
Hervé Labité

My name is Hervé and I’m very interested in sustainable development. I have more than ten years of experience in this area (organic farming and environmental engineering in particular) in countries both North and South. I’ll be volunteering with Crossroads partner La Colombe in Togo. My focus will be on an agro-ecological project that will strengthen plant and animal production among young female and male farmers in the Vogan, Vo Koutimé and Plateaux regions.

Papa Mangone Basal (Senegal 2015)
Papa Mangone Basal

I’m a university graduate in sociology and international public administration. I have a wealth of experience stretching back more than 15 years in the field of development, planning, and the monitoring and evaluation of national and international projects and programs. I’ve carried significant responsibilities in this regard, including mission analysis, guidance, and I’ve provided counsel and advice for governments, NGOs, and community and civil society organizations.  

Diana Garcia (Bolivia 2015)
Diana Garcia

My name is Diana Garcia and I am going to Bolivia to work with the AGRECOL Andes foundation ( as a project management officer for one year. AGRECOL Andes foundation is a local organization that contributes to the improvement of the living conditions in rural Andean communities by providing services for managing agro-ecological knowledge. 





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