James Robinson

It was a radical message for racially divided America in the late fifties, one that Dr. James Robinson challenged Canadians and Americans to embrace. Based on his vision, Robinson founded Operations Crossroads Africa in 1958. It was the first volunteer cooperation program of its kind. Dr. Robinson described Operation Crossroads Africa as “a hard hitting, honest program” where North Americans worked with Africans on grassroots projects in the independent nations emerging across Africa.

Robbert Hartog

It was one of Toronto’s worst snowstorms on record, but undeterred, eighty-eight year old Robbert Hartog travelled from Midland, Ontario, where he lived, to attend a Crossroads committee meeting in Toronto two and a half hours away. It was one of many gestures of support that demonstrated Hartog’s lifelong commitment to Crossroads, an organization he helped establish 50 years ago.

Alan Lane

“Before we left for Angola, we were told ‘You will leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you. It was very, very true.” says founding Crossroader Alan Lane.

Bill Lockington

“One of his biggest assets was his ability to communicate and make instant friends.”

Donald Simpson

Donald Simpson was a young high school history teacher looking for a project for his students when he attended a lecture about Africa’s move toward independence. The lecture was the beginning of Simpson’s lifelong relationship with the continent and would inspire soon inspire him to launch CCI along with other founding members.


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