Bill Lockington

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“One of his biggest assets was his ability to communicate and make instant friends.”

Bill Lockington committed his life to bringing positive change to the world around him. A physician by training, the course of Bill’s life was drastically altered following a 1958 talk given by U.S. civil rights activist and Operation Crossroads Africa founder Dr. James Robinson. In the months and years following the talk, Bill, along with several others who heard Robinson speak, organized a medical mission to Africa which was realized in 1960. The trip set the stage for the founding of Canadian Crossroads International.

Co-founder Dr.Alan Lane recalls his friend Bill fondly: “One of his biggest assets was his ability to communicate and make instant friends. Add to that: vision, compassion and action.”

“He and my mother were very concerned about the plight of people in need,” says his daughter, Janet.“They felt our middle-class youth had no idea what was going on in the world and the only way for them to learn was to go.” Janet would become a Crossroader herself, traveling in 1972 to India to help construct a village community hall. She describes it as “a humbling experience,” which is exactly what her father hoped for.

“He wanted people to feel inept,” she says with laughter – humility was part of the lesson. Though Bill remained supportive of CCI throughout his life, Janet notes: “Dad was the kind of person who built things and then was able to step aside to let others carry on.”


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