Why Volunteer

Volunteering overseas is a rich and rewarding experience. Many volunteers describe the experience as life changing.

People volunteer for many different reasons. Consider some of the benefits:

  • You have something to give. You have skills and expertise to offer. Crossroads International placements are carefully crafted with Southern partners to meet their organizational needs. Working alongside colleagues in the South, your skills will make a valuable contribution to an organization’s development that will continue long after your placement is over.
  • You have something to learn. Volunteering overseas provides valuable international work experience. Your Southern colleagues will expose you to new perspectives and strategies that will be beneficial and useful to your career in Canada. Living and working in a new community will stretch you and your understanding of world in unimaginable ways.
  • You can make a difference. Your work will strengthen organizations tackling some of the most pressing global issues. In a small and meaningful way, your Crossroads volunteer placement will help eradicate poverty and improve human rights.
  • You are a global citizen. Your volunteer placement builds on work that has been done before you and creates a foundation for volunteer placements to follow. You are building bridges between people and organizations in Canada and the South. As a Crossroader you become part of a growing network of citizens working together for a more just and equitable world.

Why Volunteer with Crossroads?

Crossroads International volunteers make meaningful contributions to long-term partnership projects with community-based organizations in Africa, South America and Canada. Each Crossroads placement is an important part of a larger partnership effort to effect real and sustainable change in two key sectors: women’s rights and poverty.

Every Crossroads placement has a specific job description that is tailored to provide a professional exchange of skills and information. Our overseas volunteers, known as Crossroaders, provide skills and experience that contribute to an organization’s ability to deliver its programs and realize its development goals.

What do volunteers get out of it? New friendships, new skills, international work experience but perhaps more importantly, a renewed sense of self. We often hear Crossroaders use words like transformative and life altering to describe their experience. A word of warning — Crossroaders tend to be Crossroaders for life — a committed community working for social change.


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