50 Stories for 50 Years

Over the past fifty years, more than 8,000 people from Canada and the South have volunteered with Canadian Crossroads International, gaining new perspectives, forming new relationships and acquiring a broader view of the world around them. While volunteer roles have changed with changing needs in the South, Crossroaders across the decades have a lot in common — a desire to deepen their understanding of global issues, to make a contribution and to collaborate with colleagues North and  South toward common goals. As part of CCI’s 50th anniversary celebrations, we have collected stories from Crossroaders from our founding in 1958 to present day which illustrate the richness and diversity of the Crossroads experience. We hope you will enjoy reading the following profiles, which are but a small sampling of the literally thousands of individual experiences which make up the fifty year long story of Canadian Crossroads International. Feel inspired? Send your stories and photos to giving@cciorg.ca or follow this link to learn how to learn more about becoming a Crossroader.


Peter Paris


A lifetime of making a difference - Charles Brown

Jane Gaskell

Robbert Hartog

Alan Lane

Bill Lockington

Margie Macdonald

Donald Oliver

Harry Qualman

Donald Simpson

Back Again - Ross W. Wein and P. Jerome Martin

Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré

 Paul Wilson


Norine Baron

Michel Bélisle

Alain Bissonnette

Anne D’Intino 

Anne Ehrlich

Serge Goyette

Françoise Goutier

Lawrence Hill

Gary O'Connor

Vera Radyo

Agnes van ‘t Bosch

Ruth Wilson


Daniel J. Carrière

Michael Cooke

Lyse Doucet

Jean-Marc Hachey

John Meredith

Janet Sutherland


Kathleen Boies

Mark Leger

Meredith Low

Dorothy McCabe

Lambrina Nikolaou

Kelly O'Brien

Finding David - David Roe & David Tholley

Ghislaine Tremblay


Sarah Cardey

Pamela Harrison

Aku Kwamie

Patti McIntosh

Didier Muamba: Sharing the Tools to Help Big Dreams Come True

Kim Simard

Carol Stroud


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