Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for most of our programs and we welcome people of all ages and professions to participate. Whether you are just starting on your career path, a mid career professional or retired, you may be the right match for one of our projects.

All applicants in our other projects must be at least 19 years old to apply.

How can I apply?

Candidates can apply using our online application form. If you experience any technical problem or have a question, please contact our volunteer management team.

How long are placements?

Placements are typically six months, but can be shorter or longer depending on the project.

What is the Canadian placement phase?

Many Crossroads projects are partnerships between Canadian organizations and Southern organizations. You may be required to conduct part of your placement before and after your overseas placement with the Canadian partner organization.

What kind of training will I receive?

Crossroads provides comprehensive pre-placement orientation for each program.

We also provide re-orientation training upon your return to Canada. We will help you determine how to continue being involved in your community and meet your public engagement commitments.

Do I have to do fundraising?

Canadian participants are expected to fundraise to support our overseas programs. Crossroads will assist you in creating a fundraising strategy and will provide tips and tools to support you.

How much do I have to fundraise?

Each Crossroader is expected to fundraise approximately $1,000, depending on their placement.

Where will I live during my placement?

When you arrive overseas, Crossroads will arrange for temporary accomodation. This transition period will allow you to find adequate living arrangements. 

Who will I be working with?

In addition to working with staff and volunteers of your partner organization, you will likely also meet and work with members of the community. There may also be more than one Crossroader at a partner organization at the same time.

Will there be other Crossroaders on placement in the same region or country when I am overseas?

Depending on the project and the needs of the partner organization, there may be more than one Crossroader working at the same organization during your placement.

If we have partnerships with more than one organization in the country or region, it is possible you will cross paths with other Crossroaders.

Who can I talk to when I need professional or personal support while on my placement?

The first source of support is the volunteer’s program officer. Volunteers can also draw on advice from colleagues at their host organization, Crossroads staff, and other volunteers.

Will I be able to contact my family and friends when I am overseas?

You will be able to contact family and friends during your placement, but be aware that access to reliable internet or telephone service may not always be available.

Many Crossroaders choose to blog about their overseas experience to keep in touch with friends and family. You can always write letters and send postcards home too.

You will be responsible for any costs related to personal use of internet or telephone services.

What costs are covered by Crossroads International?

Crossroads will provide you with a return air ticket and a modest living allowance based on the cost of living in the community where you volunteer. You are encouraged to live according to the same standards as your hosts as this will help you integrate more easily into your placement community.


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