How to apply

The selection process

Basic eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for an overseas placement, you must fulfill certain requirements:

Applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be 18 years of age or older and less than 70 years old;
  • Have a canadian bank account;
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity, adaptability and tolerance.

Volunteers must also meet specific skill criteria as outlined by each individual project requirements, as indicated in the volunteer placement description.


Crossroads International recruits volunteers from Canadian partner organizations, and externally, through an open call for applicants. Volunteer opportunities are posted on our website.


Interviews will be conducted for candidates to determine their suitability for the project. We will only interview applicants who meet the selection criteria and desired skill set.

Once the interviews are completed, we will verify an applicant’s references and then determine who is the most suitable for the position.

Accepting placement offers

Once interviews are completed and references have been checked, successful applicants will be offered the position.

We often work to tight schedules, so Crossroads requests that selected applicants confirm their decision to participate as soon as possible. This will allow us to offer the position to another person within a suitable timeframe.

See current volunteer postings.



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