Volunteering In Canada

Volunteer with Crossroads

You don’t need to travel overseas to help make a difference. Crossroads International offers volunteer opportunities right here in Canada. Crossroads is active in communities across Canada, with special events, campaigns and visits by overseas partners taking place on a regular basis. Crossroads’ work with community organizations throughout the country also give volunteers a chance to learn new skills, meet new friends and continue to work for social change.

Become an e-Volunteer

Would you like to make a difference but just can’t commit to volunteering overseas because of work or family obligations? We are looking for volunteers that are willing to work with Crossroads and our partners online. e-Volunteering is a flexible way to volunteer, and you can choose to work on tasks or projects according to your own interests and schedule. The possibilities are endless: Translate a document or two, research a topic of interest, provide technical support, develop online training and education materials, write articles, participate in the social Web, or support Crossroads by fundraising online. These are just a few examples of the ways that you can lend your time and expertise to a good cause. View our current eVolunteering Opportunities to apply for a position now.

Become a Host Family

When South North Crossroaders come to Canada, they live with host families. Each year approximately 15 Southern volunteers and staff come to Canada. Host Families provide a warm and welcoming environment for our Southern guests and provide additional support to help volunteers adjust to life in Canada. Host families provide meals and accommodation for volunteers during their stay and receive modest compensation from Crossroads. Acting as a Host Family is a great way for you and your family to learn about another culture and to support international development. Southern Crossroaders generally stay in Canada for two to three months. For more information on becoming a host family, send an email to our Volunteering Program Staff  to find out about opportunities in your region.

Become a Crossroader Mentor

Have you recently volunteered overseas? Want to help new volunteers learn the ropes? Crossroads International is seeking returned volunteers who are willing to act as mentors to Crossroaders about to go overseas. In person, on the phone and by email, mentors provide support to Crossroaders by giving them advice on what to expect while living overseas, provide social support and much-valued connection to home while the volunteer is overseas, and advising volunteers on how to readjust  to Canadian society once they return home. Mentors must make themselves available to field questions, via telephone or email, and act as an informal source of information and support to help Crossroaders make, and get, the most out of their placements. If you are interested in becoming a Crossroader mentor, contact our Volunteering Program Staff.

Other Ways to Volunteer

Crossroads International hosts community events, activities and actions throughout the year. In addition we are often looking for volunteers to help organize social outings for South North volunteers. Want to stand up against poverty, take action in the fight against gender inequality or celebrate International Women’s Day? Take a stand, raise awareness and meet up with volunteers who share your passion for a more just and sustainable world. Contact our Volunteering Program Staff.


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