1958: Dr. James H. Robinson founds Operation Crossroads Africa, an organization that brings black and white North Americans together to work alongside Africans in development projects. Peter Paris is the first Canadian to go overseas with Crossroads.

1959: Canadian Committee of Operations Crossroads Africa established by group of United Church members inspired to take action after meeting Dr. Robinson.

1960: Ten Canadians volunteer overseas with Crossroads. By the end of the 1960s that number would grow to more than 250.

1968-69: Canadian Crossroads International is granted a charter as a charitable corporation separate from the United Church and Operation Crossroads Africa. For the first time programming is initiated outside the continent of Africa. A Francophone committee is established with responsibility for the program in French-speaking Africa.

1972: The To- Canada program is launched when two volunteers from Lesotho arrive for agricultural placements in Manitoba. James Robinson passes away.

1974: Volunteers in partner countries are recruited as Country Representatives to coordinate Crossroads activities overseas.

1976: First-ever Canadian Crossroads International Consultation is held in Nairobi, Kenya.

1977: Local volunteer committees are established across Canada to support education, recruitment and fundraising.

1982: The CCI offices moves to Toronto from London, Ontario. CCI’s first Regional Office opens in Halifax the following year.

1984: CCI launches the Canadian Caribbean Agricultural Exchange Project, a co-operative venture with six farm unions.

1989: Thirteen medical students travel to Guyana through a new Crossroads program Queen's Medical Outreach (QMO), to support primary health care work in rural areas. The program continues today as a student run voluntary organization at Queen’s University.

1997: CCI restructures to better serve the needs of communities in Canada and in our partner countries with offices in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Regional offices aim to involve more volunteers and encourage innovation, partnership and fundraising and to introduce new model of partnership and longer term development projects with our partners overseas.

2001: CCI moves to bring Canadian organizations on as formal partners in CCI projects to increase the sharing of skills, knowledge and to build organizational capacity North and South.

2005: CCI focuses development project and partnerships on HIV and AIDS, local economic development and women’s rights.

2006: CCI focuses its work in West Africa, Southern Africa and the Andean region of South America to increase impact and support regional collaboration.

2008: CCI celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

2010: CCI adopts a new organizational structure and focuses development programs and partnerships on sustainable livelihoods and women's rights.

2011: CCI becomes Crossroads International to mark the truly international nature of its work. Crossroads launches a new logo and brand.


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