What We Do

Crossroads International brings together individuals, organizations and communities in Canada and the global South to eradicate poverty and assert human rights globally.

As our name suggests, Crossroads facilitates the coming together of people and organizations. Through international volunteering and partnership, Crossroads leverages expertise and resources necessary to address these global challenges.

Crossroads International offers people and organizations a space to collaborate across borders on pressing global issues.



Crossroads works with local organizations in West Africa, Southern Africa and South America that are combating extreme poverty and women’s inequality. With Crossroad’s support, partners in developing countries select Canadian partner organizations working on similar issues that can help them develop their programs and meet their development goals. The exchange of skilled volunteers and staff is central to the partnerships. Each year Crossroads brings partners from developing countries to work with partners in Canada, sends Canadians to work with partners in the South and facilitates staff and volunteer exchanges between Southern partner organizations. Crossroads volunteers work with local organizations so they are immersed in the culture, the community, the people, and the issues they face. Placements vary in length from several weeks to a year depending on the needs of the project.


Crossroads International gratefully acknowledges the support of: