Karen Takacs Women’s Leadership Fund grant and scholarship recipients announced for 2016

Togolese partner Groupe de réflexion et d'action Femme, Démocratie et Développement (GF2D), and Zandile Grace Dlamini of the Family Life Association of Swaziland (FLAS) have been awarded the inaugural Karen Takacs Women’s Leadership Fund grant and scholarship.

GF2D, a partner of Crossroads International in Togo since 2007, will receive a $10,000 grant to carry out its Week of the Girl initiatives. Zandile Grace Dlamini, Service Delivery Manager at FLAS, a Crossroads partner since 2010, will receive a scholarship to enroll in the Community Development Leadership by Women program at the Coady Institute in Nova Scotia.

The Week of the Girl, organized by GF2D, will work with young girls to help them surmount obstacles and become more autonomous. The grant will contribute to promoting leadership among young girls and keeping them in school, with a community approach to fighting violence, early pregnancy and marriage that incorporates the full range of actors including students, teachers, and parents. Activities will include conferences and workshops as well as the production of television and radio programs.

"GF2D is honoured to have been selected to receive the inaugural Karen Takacs Women’s Leadership Fund grant. A loyal partner, GF2D is committed to the efficient implementation of its project which aims to  address the obstacles that hinder women's empowerment. We are proud and happy to be able to honor Karen Takacs' engagement,” says Ms. Lonlonko Gbadegbegnon, GF2D’s general secretary.

Zandile Grace Dlamini will focus on strengthening her leadership, organizational planning, problem solving, and organizing skills in support or her work with women, and working collaboratively with other organizations through the Community Development Leadership by Women course at COADY International Insitute in Antigonish. Dlamini is highly involved with FLAS, an organization centered around the protection of the rights of women and girls, both at the community and national level.

“My sincere gratitude to Crossroads International for providing me with the opportunity to participate in the Community Development Leadership training at the Coady Institute, through the Karen Takacs Women’s Leadership Fund. This training will augment my abilities in the protection of rights of women and girls both at organisational and community level”, says Ms. Dlamini.

The Karen Takacs Women’s Leadership Fund was created by the Board of Directors of Crossroads International in 2015 to celebrate Karen Takacs’ leadership as Executive Director since 2001 and to provide financial support to African organizations whose work advances women’s leadership and equality for women and girls.

Following her untimely death in August 2015, an Advisory Council was struck to develop the priorities and process for awarding the funds as well as to receive applications and award the grants and scholarships annually. The board of directors would like to thank the hundreds of donors who made this legacy fund possible as well as the Karen Takacs Women’s Leadership Advisory Council members: Darlene Bessey, Council Chair and former Chair Crossroads Board of Directors (India ‘74); Susan Watts, Chair Crossroads Board of Directors; Betty Plewes, Crossroads International Honorary Patron and former Board member (Ethiopia ‘64 and Liberia ‘68); Patsy George, former Board member, current member Nominating Committee and Agnès van’t Bosch, former Board member, former member Nominating Committee (Niger ‘78 and ‘80, Cameroon ‘82).

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