International volunteers share hundreds of stories at the ‘Human Library’ event in Ottawa

January 19, 2018

60 international volunteers open their ‘books’ to tell their experience in about 30 different countries across the world. They did it at the ‘Human Library’ event organised in Ottawa on January 18th by 12 volunteer agencies of the Volunteer Cooperation Program supported by Global Affairs Canada. Participants included about 100 ‘readers’ from the Government, universities, embassies, and volunteer agencies’ implementing partners.

Mr. Ariel Delouya, from Global Affairs Canada, opened the event highlighting the importance of Canadian volunteering in the country’s international development aid efforts “because of the network you (volunteers) use”, referring to volunteers’ partnership with local organizations and institutions.

Crossroader Kankou Camara said “it has been interesting being a ‘human book’ and being able to share my experience with others”. She added “thanks to Crossroads International and other volunteer agencies for giving us the opportunity to take part in such an original event and tell our experience.”

Carine Guidicelli, Crossroads International Executive Director closed the ‘Human Library’ event by praising the efforts of thousands of Canadian volunteers who every year go overseas to work with local partners “to build a better world.” She encouraged them to keep sharing their stories with other Canadians. Guidicelli also thanked Global Affairs Canada for “giving volunteer agencies the opportunity to send volunteers overseas and be able to follow up what they have done, here, in Canada”.


Beverly Rodrigues , Swaziland and Ghana

Natalie Martin, Ghana

Daniel Godon, Senegal 

Kancou Camara, Swaziland

Komlan Ametoenyenou, Togo




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