An inspiring visit with Crossroads' partners in Tanzania and Swaziland

Susan Green with a member of a Girls' Empowerment Club in Swaziland

Susan Green’s affection for Africa runs deep.  Her first Crossroads experience in Sierra Leone in 1972 was life changing and over the years, she kept volunteering in Africa. This time around, she went back to see the work Crossroads and its partners are doing and was inspired.  “Some of the girls I spoke with have every potential to be leaders far beyond their own communities,” stated Green speaking about the young members of the Girls’ Empowerment Clubs she visited in Swaziland. 

In her 10-day visit, she met with six partner organizations in Tanzania and Swaziland which are focussed on advancing women’s leadership, economic autonomy, as well as supporting girls and women who had experienced violence to access services and the justice system. “Our partner organizations, because of strong leadership and successful programs, are working effectively with our volunteers and communities to advance the rights of women and girls,” she explained.

Today, Green is Crossroads International donor and a board member. “Having the opportunity to meet with our partners, the beneficiaries and our volunteers really deepened my understanding of our mission and vision,” she stated. Green says, she chose to join the board and reengage as an active volunteer and supporter because she believed in the direction the organization was going: working with local well run, well respected NGO’s and having Crossroads volunteers help the partners build capacity to meet changing needs effectively within their organizations. And as a director and chair of the nominating committee, she is encouraging others to get involved with Crossroads. “The opportunity to learn and grow as a human being and to give back is boundless. […] It’s so important for Canadians to be aware of the world around them. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the challenges and the successes in developing countries and to contribute to the remarkable people and organizations that are working very hard to move their communities forward.”



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