Alumni impact survey. Share your story

Since 1958 more than 9,000 Crossroaders have volunteered in more than 60 countries and with 160 partners around the globe. Collectively, we’ve made important contributions to advance equality. Many volunteers tell us that their placement changed their lives.

If you are a Crossroader, help us celebrate our 60th anniversary by sharing your impact stories. How did your Crossroader experience impact your life, your family, your career and your community or the community where you volunteered? Please complete the survey below so we can highlight the value of volunteer cooperation in creating a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

We will be sharing our alumni’s stories throughout 2018 as we celebrate this milestone. You can also tell us your story by sharing the favourite picture you took during your mandate as a Crossroader. We will feature your submissions during our anniversary celebrations. Please email high resolution photos to



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