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May 2015


We’re almost there but we need your help!

By 4:30pm today, the average Canadian has spent more on food than the poorest 1.2 billion people worldwide. For the past week Canadians have been “living below the line”, eating for only $1.75/per day (the Canadian equivalent of the global poverty line), to support charities like Crossroads in our work to economically empower women and youth. We’ve had tremendous support for our Live Below the Line campaign and we’re so close to meeting our $10,000 goal, can you help us get there?

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Your Canadian work experiences can make a lasting difference when you volunteer overseas

By: Ambra Yirenkyi

When Canadian professionals consider volunteering overseas, a common concern is how well their skills will transfer to the developing world. With my experiences volunteering with Crossroads in Ghana, I soon learned just how valuable the skills, connections and work ethic we use in Canada can be applied as an overseas volunteer.

When I started volunteering with Crossroads I wanted to apply the skills I’d acquired in my professional past as a former team leader, program worker and consultant with local NGOs in Toronto and on a contractual basis with the Canadian government.

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