Tanya Lécuyer (Bolivia, 2017)

Tanya LécuyerEquipped with a Masters in International Development Management and Humanitarian Relief from Université Laval, I am getting ready to leave for La Paz, Bolivia, for four months with Crossroads International. During that time, I will work with Pro-Rural, an association dedicated to rural development, whose objectives are connected to food security, poverty reduction and gender equality. 

I have already spent several years travelling throughout Latin America, carrying out mandates in volunteer coordination and cooperation, project management, sustainable tourism, capacity building, marketing and communications, and now organizational strengthening. My mandate is to review the association’s administrative procedures, and conduct a general analysis of how these procedures are succeeding. I have a particular interest in human resource management (job descriptions, organigram, monitoring, manuals for rules and procedures, code of ethics and organizational culture, among other things).


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