Mia Choinière (Togo 2016)

Mia ChoinièreA Canada World Youth program “baby” with a Masters’ in International Development, I am passionate about volunteerism that aims to improve the future prospects of young people. I was a member of the Observatoire jeunesse d’Oxfam- Québec (Oxfam Québec’s youth program) and I sat on the Board of Directors of the Social Justice Connexion in Montreal. I also worked as an analyst for a management consulting firm specialized in program evaluation. 

I will be in Lomé, Togo, from September 2016 to March 2017 as a monitoring advisor for La Coulombe, a Crossroads International partner working for the empowerment of young women and men. My work consists of supporting La Coulombe in the evaluation of their programming results.

I believe that international cooperation is a good way to build bridges between different cultures. It allows us to better understand other people, and enriches us through the exchange of knowledge. Through travel we learn that there is no “right way” of doing things, or rather that there are countless “right ways” to live. I always thought, for example, that it was rude to chew with your mouth open, but in Vietnam I made friends who told me that for them, the opposite was true! Chewing with your mouth open signifies that you are enjoying the meal that was prepared for you. A good reminder that from time to time, we have to question the way we see the world...



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