Cheikhal Khadim Mboup(Senegal 2016)

Khadim Mboup CheikhalA sociologist by training, I also have a degree in project management and international cooperation from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. I capitalize on almost 10 years of rich experience in the field of development focused on prospecting, formulating, executing and evaluating projects and programs, including experiences in Senegal, Mali, Morocco et Mauritania.

In Quebec, I have been involved in helping vulnerable people, particularly those living with a handicap, volunteering that pushed me to participate in initiatives promoting the Millennium Development Goals in Geneva. These diverse experiences in non-governmental organizations and governmental structures were a real opportunity to promote women’s leadership, but also, above all, access to communication channels and the amplification of women’s and youth’s voices on issues related to economic and social development.

All of my professional life has been driven by my ardent passion in supporting disadvantaged for a more just world that is respectful of human rights, a world of freedom, a world without oppression nor discrimination. It is a desire to help Crossroads International in their work in my native country that led me to accept this mandate as an entrepreneurship and marketing advisor for the Union Nationale des Femmes Coopératrices du Sénégal (UNFCS) in Saint-Louis and Louga.




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