Kancoun Camara (Swaziland 2016)

Kancoun CamaraParisian by birth, Malian by heritage and now a Montrealer, I am the result of multiculturalism. I have lived in several countries, including France, Malta, Spain and Canada.

I have 10 years of experience in administrative support in the private sector (language schools, insurance, conference delegates, etc.) both in Europe and North America. I also have experience in the voluntary sector in not-for-profit organizations such as the ICNA and professional associations such as Meeting Professionals International (MPI). I fluently speak English, French and Spanish.

I believe in the benefits of give and take, but also and above all in equality of opportunity and therefore in the promotion of women’s and children’s rights. I think that international volunteering is an effective way of achieving this ideal and, at the same time, allows me to contribute to the building of a more equitable society.

In partnership with SWIFT since 2013, Crossroads International aims to promote the rights of women by facilitating and popularizing activities intrinsic to the equitable trade of high-quality products, including artisanal products created by women in Swaziland.

A graduate in event and congress planning, I was recruited by Crossroads International to be an event coordinator in Swaziland. My mandate consists of working in close collaboration with Swaziland Fair Trade (SWIFT) and Trade+Impact in order to ensure that two commercial expositions of international scope go well (one in Morocco and the other in Swaziland). The events are organized by Trade+Impact, an innovative platform that stimulates the development of businesses with social aims led by women in Africa and the Middle East, notably in the artisanal, textile and natural cosmetics sectors. The goal is to encourage the development of trade, investment and the abilities of women to have an impact within their communities.




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