Djibril Dioum (Senegal 2016)

Djibril DioumCrossroads International’s mission to create a more equitable world is aligned with my vision of the fight against poverty.  I believe there is no question that gender equality is a catalyst for growth, because by empowering women we enable them to drive this growth. When women are empowered, we see an improvement in their everyday lives; it enables them to guarantee an education for their children, and to combat poverty and child labour. 

With this in mind, I felt strongly that I wanted to get involved with Crossroads International as an international volunteer. I will be placed in Diourbel in Senegal, where I will be a project management advisor for social responsibility, in partnership with the Union Nationale des Femmes Coopératrices du Sénégal (UNFCS). This overseas volunteer mandate is a way for me to contribute to women’s empowerment, and by extension equality between men and women, by working with the Union Régionale (UR) of Diourbel to build capacity in management (administration, communication, monitoring and evaluation) and human rights (of women and families). 

I have a postgraduate degree in Human and Social Sciences, Economy and Society, with a specialization in Health Organization and Social Welfare, and a diploma in Management, with a specialization in International Strategic Management, from the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense. I have experience in child protection, monitoring and evaluation, and teaching activities to benefit vulnerable youth. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work on an initiative to fight violence against women and girls: conjugal violence and female genital mutilation. The project was to promote maternal and child health, and gender equality. I also developed a number of projects within the associations where I worked.  



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