Young Feminist Movement Building Advisor


Position:  Young Feminist Movement Building Advisor

Location: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Partner: TGNP Mtandao

Starting: August 2018

Duration: 12-18 Months 

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Crossroads International is an international development organization that is reducing poverty and increasing women’s rights around the world. Working with local partners and supported by hundreds of volunteers each year, Crossroads leverages expertise and resources, North and South, required to help people overcome poverty and assert their human rights.

Crossroads has entered partnerships with partners in Tanzania catering to specific areas of intervention related to women’s rights including TGNP. TGNP Mtandao has been in existence since 1993, during which time it has built itself into a leading member of the transformative feminist movement for social gender transformation and women empowerment within Tanzanian society, Africa and beyond.

TGNP has distinguished itself as an active and recognised player in the progressive women and civil society movement in the country, Africa and beyond. Guided by transformative conceptual framework and its participatory and animation philosophy and approach, TGNP has been able to make a substantial contribution towards stimulating public debate and activism on policy and other social issues affecting women and other marginalised social groups. The organisation has worked with other actors in designing and implementing lobbying and advocacy campaigns and stimulating reflections and discourse on pertinent gender and development issues through training  and capacity building, generation and dissemination of alternative information; facilitating collective action based on social gender analysis of issues of concern to peoples’ development.

Consequently, TGNP has added value to the women movement by stimulating a growing feminist consciousness within it: appreciating and recognition of gender as an important dimension in other progressive social movement it engages within the country and beyond.

Mandate history:

Historically, through volunteers’ knowledge and willingness to share and to learn, Crossroads supports its partners and their members in two main domains: capacity building in programming and strengthening of institutional capacity.   

During the partnership planning of 2015, TGNP expressed the need for a volunteer with strong background in movement building who can guide TGNP Mtandao in its quest to build a young feminist movement in Tanzania.  The volunteer for this mandate will mainly work in Dar-es-Salaam and other parts of Tanzania when needed.



Main responsibilities include:

  • To identify young feminists in Tanzania and document their interests and activities
  • To organize and oversee consultations and networking sessions between feminists and younger feminists in Tanzania
  • To facilitate the establishment of a network of women’s and girls’ right organisations, groups advocates and practitioners in Tanzania
  • Together with an identified committee, to develop best practices, milestones and a roadmap of the young feminists’ movement of Tanzania
  • To develop training sessions and conduct such sessions on subjects related to the engagement of young women in the feminism movement.

Qualification criteria for selection include:

  • Gender and Women’s Studies or feminism related studies
  • Considerable knowledge of feminism movement building
  • Experience in developing women and girls networks and related events
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Readiness to deal with change
  • Ability and willingness to work in a non-Canadian socio-cultural and professional settings


Eligibility criteria:

  • Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • Must be 19 years and older
  • Willing to conduct fundraising and public engagement activities before, during and after the placement
  • In good physical and mental health (medical examination required)

Personalized support before, during and after the mandate provided by an experienced and welcoming team. The Crossroads' experience includes the following:

  • Daily living allowance (depending of the country of assignment)
  • Plane ticket and local transport
  • Medical insurance and vaccinations
  • Pre-departure training and re-orientation upon return



To apply for this position, we kindly ask that you fill out Crossroads' online application form. Please contact our Program officer - Volunteering if you have any question: simidele@cintl.org

We thank all applicants but only those selected for interviews will be contacted.


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